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T1 has finally told us who will be part of T1

T1 Announce Their 2022 Roster

T1 Roster 2022
Will TheShy be part of T1 in 2022? | © Riot Games

T1 has revealed their 2022 League of Legends roster. The 2021 squad will mostly stay intact, but for all of you hoping to see TheShy in the LCK, we will have to break the bad news to you. TheShy won’t be part of T1, no matter how much hopium you smoked over the last few weeks.

T1 have taken quite a long time to reveal their full 2022 roster, but now they came out with the official announcement earlier on December 3, 2021. Who will join Faker in 2022 on Summoner’s Rift?

T1 Value Young Talent

No big top lane announcement came with the roster reveal. As many have thought already, T1 is going to go with their young talent that the org has been cultivating over the years in their academy and challenger program.

Zeus – pronounced Ze-Us and not like the greek god – will take Canna’s spot in the top lane. The 17-year-old player has shown insane skill in his position and has even been subbed in during the 2021 Summer Split before.

He has played on the T1 Academy roster before and is known in the org. He will shake up the rift with his carry picks like Irelia, Jayce and Graves.

Other than that no other changes from the 2021 roster will take place. Keria and Gumayushi were a solid bot lane throughout the 2021 World Championship and Oner was able to make plays happen all around the map thanks to his aggressive playstyle.

Bengi Named Head Coach of T1

After Stardust left, many fans were worried about his replacement. As interim head coach Stardust managed to put T1 on the right path to victory, earning a spot at the 2021 World Championship and even making it to the semi-finals, where they pushed DAMWON KIA to a five-game series.

He will be replaced by none other than the jungle himself, Bae “Bengi” Seong-woong. Bengi was the coach of the T1 Challengers team in 2021 and managed to get first place in the 2021 Spring Split.

Hopefully, his synergy with Faker will give him the upper hand when he coaches T1 in 2022 and that his experience on the international stage will help the younger players on the squad as well.