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Where could the star ADC go?

T1 and Teddy Part Ways Ahead of 2022 Season

T1 Teddy
Can you see Teddy in the LEC? | © Riot Games

T1 and Teddy might part ways at the end of 2021. Sources from Upcomer have stated that the star bot laner is looking for new options in 2022, even though his contract should only expire in November of 2022.

Where might the ADC go in the coming year? He could be playing in the LEC, LCS or on another LCK team. No confirmations whether he will be leaving the region have been announced.

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Which Teams Could Teddy Play For in 2022?

According to the report from Upcomer, Teddy got offers from LCK, LEC and LCS teams. He might have been the backup ADC for most of the 2021 LCK Summer Split, but he was subbed in during T1’s playoff run and showed great skill in his position.

Teddy is still a high-class ADC, but T1 chose to go with their young ADC Gumayusi for the 2021 League of Legends World Championship. It seems like Teddy wants to be the starting ADC for whichever squad he chooses to go to in 2022.

He has come to an agreement with T1 to explore options for the coming year and we might get to see him in a different region completely. Would he be able to make it in the LEC or LCS? His skill ceiling says yes, but often communication could be a problem. Therefore, an LCS or LEC team with another korean would be most likely for Teddy’s future.

Teddy and T1 Part Ways

According to a tweet by the official T1 twitter, T1 and Teddy have agreed to terminate his contract early. Originally, his contract was to run until November 21, 2022, but the ADC now has the option to explore more options. for the upcoming season. 

Teddy helped T1 claim 3 LCK titles, as well as make it to the Worlds semi-finals. He is one of the best bot laners from the LCK and will surely find a great team, whether that is in the LEC, LCS or LCK.