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Which are the best Tools to use out there?

Websites, Stat Apps and Tracking – Best Analytic Tools

Pro Builds Tracking App
On Pro Builds you can find all the pros and their stats. | © Pro Builds

You want to get more background on why Items, Champions and certain builds are the best? To be successful in League of Legends, means constantly track all stats, builds and pros. Tracking websites like, and the Blitz App show us which builds and champs are best at the moment. We have the best websites for you, to track stats, numbers and builds.

League of Legends has over 100 million monthly players. With this number, it's not surprising that there are hundreds of tracking apps and tools for all LoL stats, counters and builds. But which tracking apps should you trust and where can you find the latest LoL stats and guides?

Websites, Stat Apps and TrackingBest Analytic Tools

1. Blitz App

Blitz App Tracking App Stats Builds
Want runes and builds? | © Blitz App

The best LoL app for beginners is the Blitz app! Not only will you find all the champion stats and builds, but the Blitz app will change your runes perfectly for the champ and matchup. So you don't have to worry about your build or runes anymore. You can also find stats and builds of the pros and track their matches.

2. Pro Builds

Pro Builds Tracking App
As the name suggests, here you will find all the pros and their stats. | © Pro Build

Are you interested in which builds and champs are currently being played by the pros? Then Pro Builds is the best tracking site for you! You can access the individual profiles of the pros and find their match history with all champs and builds.

3. Mobalytics

Mobalytics Tracking Site App Tool
Use Mobalytics to optimise your stats and champion builds? | © Mobalytics

If you are looking for a classic tracking site that suggests stats, solo queue builds and tips and tricks for playing the champions, then Mobalytics is the place for you! The tracking page is structured well and intuitively designed and you will immediately find all builds and stats as well as matchups, guides and counters for your pick.

Best LoL Account Trackers

1. LOLPros.GG

LOLPros.GG Tracking App
It´s similar to pro builds, but more stat and history-focused. | © LOLPros

On LOLPros, you can find all the pro's accounts, including their smurfs. If you want to follow your favourite LoL players and don't want to search for all their accounts, you can always find them in one place with this tracking page. The best app to track pros in solo queue.

2. OP.GG Tracking App
On you can even track and follow live games, which are ongoing. | © Op.GG

OP.GG probably is the most visited League of Legends tracking site. You can find your own, but also the entire opponent team of the current match. Playrate, Mains, Winrate simply all information about your opponents can be found there! You can even watch live games.

But the best thing about OP.GG is the ranking leaderboard, where you can follow the pros all the time and see who currently is fighting for rank 1 in EUW and all the other regions.

That sums up our list of the best stats, builds and tracking apps. Which tracking sites do you use when you play League of Legends? Tell us on Facebook and become on of our first followers and community members at RiftFeed!

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