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Fnatic continues to underperform without their star ADC

Where is Upset at Worlds 2021? Fnatic Struggles amidst Drama

Upset from Fnatic during an Lec Interview
Due to a family emergency, Fnatic’s ADC will not return until further notice| © Riot Games

Fnatic, a historically dominant LEC representative, is currently 0-3 in Worlds 2021 Group Stage. This can likely be attributed to the status of their Star ADC player, Upset. Earlier this week, the org posted a tweet announcing that Elias ‘Upset’ Lipp will not be expected to compete for the time being. We still don’t have exact details on the situation, but likely won’t learn more given that this is a private family issue.

Fnatic have called up Lous ‘Bean’ Schmitz from their academy roster with low expectations. Anytime you’re asking an academy player to compete against the best in the world, you have to be realistic. Fans from the EU have been mostly supportive and accepting of the situation, albeit disappointed obviously. It’s still unknown at this time whether Upset will make a return before the end of the event. Fnatic’s tournament lives are soon to be on the line given their current record in Group C.

This has been a trying year for Fnatic fans...several roster changes and role swaps led to a loss of confidence for this once EU superteam. However, the team was able to claw their way back into qualifying for Worlds 2021 - beating out expectations of fans and haters alike. That alone should count as a big win for this season, but might not be enough for supporters who are used to international success.

Nemesis-Upset Drama during Worlds 2021

Fans were enraged earlier this week when Nemesis, co-owner of Mobalytics & Content Creator for Gen.G voiced his doubts about the validity of Upset’s absence.

Nemesis Discord Screenshots
Can you believe what Nemesis said?

Several screenshots were captured and uploaded to the /r/LeagueofLegends subreddit. Reading this thread was like walking through a minefield, reader-discretion advised.

FNC Upset Addresses Rumors

Yesterday, Elias "Upset" Lipp finally spoke out on Twitter, letting fans know that while he desperately wants to have played during the 2021 Group phase, a family matter came first.

This is of course in response to the drama being stirred up by Nemesis and others. While no concrete evidence was given; most would agree that this player poured their heart out in these tweets. Whatever you believe, this player is entitled to their privacy and rumor-spreading only causes additional stress for a player in a tough situation.

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