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Riot are trying something out with event missions in the Debonair Pass.

Why is Riot Changing Event Missions?

Debonair Brand Splash
APlayers might notice a change in the Debonair Pass set to release soon. | © Riot Games

Riot released another blog post in their '"Quick Gameplay Thoughts" series yesterday detailing some upcoming changes to the points system.

Basically, points are now based on the time played rather than games played. This will be a massive nerf to the ARAM strategy many players use to level their pass up quickly.

Why are Riot Changing Event Missions?

In their blog post entitled 'Quick Gameplay Thoughts 12/3: Event Mission Points', Riot Employee Rovient explains that they felt players were being 'pressured into playing certain gamemodes'. This obviously isn't what they want to happen with the event passes.

"We believe players should never feel like they have to sacrifice their game mode preferences in order to optimize event rewards."

This sounds like a positive change for some, but it may annoy others. It seems like leveling the pass might be slower for some who were previously utilizing the arams trick to play short games and leave. Do you think this is a good change?

When will the Debonair 2021 Event Pass Release?

Riot are planning on releasing the pass along with the Debonair 2.0 Event very soon! Have you seen the upcoming skins?

The Debonair 2.0 Skinline and Event will release on Dec. 9th, which is when  LoL Patch 11.24 drops.

Are you buying this pass?

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