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And the entire lol community is asking: Who is next?

World Champions T1 Fired their Head Coaches Daeny and Zefa

LoL Team T1 Roster 2021
Mid lane god Faker has to continue without them! | © T1 esports

It had barely been seven month and here we are again. World Champions T1 have fired their coaches Daeny and Zefa. The guys had only half a year to get the team back on track, and if you are following the LCK, the Korean League format, T1 is currently only in the midfield. Some say, that the glorious days of T1 are coming to an end. But are the  head coaches really the only ones to blame for the poor performance?

Yang “Daeny” Dae-in and Lee “Zefa” Zae-min had to leave their offices. T1 had beeng struggling for two and a half splits now. This Season they are six wins to five defeats. With that the super star team ranks at the 5th place of the league. Some would say that's not bad at all. But for a three-time world champion it's not exactly a tour de force either, is it?

T1 Fires Daeny And Zefa

The coaches could not achieve the desired increase in performance. T1 had been failing for some time, at least by comparison to their previous highs. Under Daeny and Zefa nothing really had changed. Since its last championship title back in 2016 the team has experienced a constant decline of success. Daeny and Zefa didn´t quite manage to reverse that trend. But to be fair, they had little time only.

Daeny shared his thoughts on the topic with his followers on Twitter:

"I also feel bad about leaving T1 and not being able to carry out my duties as head coach. Still, I feel like I've been doing my best over the past eight months and wish them nothing but the best for 2021."

Faker And The Team Knew Nothing About The Dismissal

Neither Faker nor the other players of T1 knew anything about the upcoming dismissal of their coaches. They were only informed after their last game´s press conference. 

Last year there was a controversial discussion about LS becoming T1´s head coach. Afterall he´s one of the most suited for the job, as a world´s top tier analyst. Maybe they will consider him as an option now, even though the fans didn´t like the idea of an american head coach first.

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