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We all knew this was coming, right?

Worlds 2021 Group A Recap - DAMWON KIA

Damwon Gaming Kia
Damwon Kia Secure 1st in Group A | © DWG Kia

The dust has finally settled upon Group A at Worlds 2021. Damwon Kia was dominant throughout the Group Stage at Worlds 2021. They managed to go all the way without dropping a single game, will Damwon win another Worlds title in 2021

Group A Recap for Worlds 2021

Day 1

Damwon began their Worlds 2021 journey with a bang. They took a convincing win against FunPlusPhoenix in only 29 minutes, there was no doubt here that DWG was the stronger team. FPX were a standout team throughout the last season of regional play in the LPL, but they completely dropped the ball in this best of 1. This would continue to be the trend for both teams, with FPX failing to escape Group A.

Group A Standings - Day 1
Group A Standings - Day 1 | © LoL Esports & Riot Games

Day 2

DWG had an only slightly harder day 2 matchup against Rogue. Khan had a standout performance on the top lane Jax, although Damwon looked slightly thrown off when Rogue locked in Fiddlesticks for their Jungler. They played this one slow and steady, knowing that they had Showmaker's Ryze in their back pocket for the late game. In the end, they secured Ocean Soul and were able to close the game out without any major problems. It's worthy to note that Ghost struggled a lot this game on the Aphelios in the bot lane; Beryl's Lulu wasn't enough to save him from the onslaught of Rogue's bot lane Nami & Lucian combo.

Day 3

Group A Standings - Day 3
Group A Standings - Day 3 | © LoL Esports & Riot Games

Moving on, Damwon had to fight Cloud9; they didn't have much to fear from a team that was 0-2 at the time. The bot lane went much better for DWG this time, they were able to grab Ghost his signature Jhin and Rell for Beryl. Ghost sure looked cool walking around using his Worlds 2020 skin for Jhin, but it definitely helped when he picked up a ton of kills throughout the game.

Showmaker was able to roam around the map and make plays with Twisted Fate whilst sporting his own Worlds 2020 skin. C9 were dismantled in around 33 minutes, putting DWG at 3-0 before the final day.

Day 4

On the final Day of Worlds 2021 Group Stage in Group A, DWG KIA had nothing to worry about. They were almost already confirmed to escape group stage and move onto the knockout stage, so they played it cool and stuck to their game plan.

DAMWON KIA started off the day with a sub-30 minute win against FPX featuring Canyon on the Jungle Poppy. Showmaker was back on his Twisted Fate making plays left and right. It's also worthy to note that DWG opted for the Miss Fortune + Leona Bot Lane, a common pairing here at Worlds 2021.

Next, Damwon had their rematch against Rogue, Just like the last time, this one went a lot longer than Damwon prefer. Inspired, the jungle player for Rogue went for Olaf and was quite the problem for DWG in the early game. Rogue also got access to MF + Leona, so their bot lane was quite dominant. Nevertheless, DWG was able to triumph off of the back of a powerful Draven from Ghost. Talk about unexpected! Khan was also super fed on the top lane Lucian; ending the game with 10 kills!

DK vs Cloud9
DWG KIA take down Cloud9 on Day 4 | © LoL Esport & Riot Games

Finally, Damwon had play one more match against Cloud9. This time, Cloud9 gave the Korean powerhouse team a bit of trouble. However, Showmaker's Kassadin prevailed in the late game. It didn't matter that C9 was able to secure the Mountain Soul, DWG was just too strong! Their superior macro was a large factor in securing this win. Once this game was over, DAMWON KIA had completed the undefeated run.

Don't worry, Group Stage isn't quite done yet! Fans can tune in each day until October 18th to catch the rest of the action leading up to the Knockout Stage for Worlds 2021!

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