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The Unkillable Demon King is Back!

Worlds 2021 Group B Recap

T1 at Worlds 2021
T1 at Worlds 2021 | © LoL Esports & Riot Games

Group B is all wrapped up at Worlds 2021! In a last minute turn of events, EDward Gaming dropped their last game and went from 1st place to 2nd. Now T1 is in the top seed going into the knockout stage for Worlds 2021, is Faker going to win another World Title?

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Group B Recap for Worlds 2021

Day 1

Group B started with a bang! T1 faced off against against DFM, pulling out the Yuumi + Jhin bot lane duo. This combo worked extremely well, leading us all to wonder if Yuumi was the new meta support at Worlds 2021. Additionally, fans got to see Faker on his iconic Azir - but the real star of the show this game was Oner on the Talon. He ended this game with a KDA of 11-1-6, proving to all that Talon is a scary champ in the Jungle. This game ended in a mere 19 minutes, with T1 looking dominant every step of the way.

Next, EDG stomped 100T in under 30 minutes - cementing themselves as a true powerhouse team of Group B. 100T locked in Miss Fortune & Yuumi bot lane, but it didn't quite pan out. To make matters worse; Scout ruled over the map with his Leblanc. He found pick-offs everywhere and made playing the map impossible for the NA representatives.

Day 2

Moving on to Day 2 of Group Stage: We got to see T1 face off against EDward Gaming in a battle for the number one spot. EDG were able to pull out the win in this 36 minute slug-fest, this victory can mostly be attributed to Flandre's Graves in the top lane. T1 ran a very experimental bot lane duo with Ziggs & Shen which held up surprisingly well, but was unable to stem the bleeding from the solo laners. Oner ended this game 1-6-2 on the Xin Zhao, it was an uncharacteristically rough game for him.

After that, 100T claimed their first win of the group stage against DetonatioN FocusMe. The combination of Nami & Lucian in the bot lane made things difficult for DFM, and Closer was on his signature Viego jungle! This draft felt reminiscent of how 100T ran their way through the LCS Summer Split Playoffs; Giving their star Jungler his ultimate comfort champion was a big part of this win for 100 Thieves.

Day 3

The action continued on Day 3 with EDward Gaming getting their shot at DetonatioN FocusMe. Unfortunately for the first time-group stage attenders, this game went as expected. The LJL is an upcoming region, so no one expected DFM to take down EDG. However, this match wasn't all doom and gloom for Japanese fans; there were a few positives to take out of this loss. Firstly, Yutapon had a very strong performance on the Jhin - being able to compete with one of the best bot lanes in the LPL is a fantastic achievement. More importantly though, DFM didn't play scared; it's common to see teams from minor regions lose their identities in the face of monstrous opponents like EDG. This wasn't the case in this match, nor was it in any of their other games; a positive note for the future.

Shortly after, we got to see T1 take down 100 Thieves in another sub-30 minute match. Not much to say about this one, 100T just looked lost compared to T1. Closer didn't accomplish much on his Trundle, even though it was taken as a last-pick. The Lucian/Nami opening was given up to the Thieves, but they were unable to steal away this win. Canna had a fantastic game on Kennen in the top lane against Ssumday's Renekton, proving that Yordles are stronger than Crocodiles.

Day 3 Group B Standings
Day 3 Group B Standings | © LoL Esports & Riot Games

Day 4

Things were looking fantastic for EDward Gaming heading into the final day of Group B competition at Worlds 2021. However, it all got mixed up on the final day of play and they ended up losing out. To shorten things up:

  • The day began with EDG taking down DFM in a 26 minute game! EDG 1-0 DFM
  • Next, T1 dropped the hammer on 100T with the help of Faker's Zoe. T1 1-0 100T
  • Then T1 turned around and beat EDG in under 26 minutes! T1 1-0 EDG
  • From there, 100T survived a 49 minute match against DFM. 100T 1-0 DFM
  • Once again, T1 finishes off DFM in under 30 minutes, tough way for the LJL reps to exit Worlds 2021. T1 1-0 DFM
  • Finally, 100 Thieves manage to beat EDward Gaming! It wasn't enough to get them into the knockout stage given their record, but they did push T1 up to first place!
Group B Final Standings
Group B Final Standings | © LoL Esports & Riot Games

Just like that, T1 was locked in as the first place team of Group B. Luckily, we have a video of their reaction immediately after the ending of that final game. What a magical moment for this team, maybe this year will be yet another Worlds trophy for Faker?

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