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Are you ready for the 2021 world final?

Worlds 2021 Prediction: DAMWON KIA vs EDward Gaming

DWG vs EDG | © Riot Games

The stage has been set and the odds could never be greater, it's time for the Worlds 2021 Grand Final between DAMWON KIA & EDward Gaming. Both of these teams have proven themselves worthy to compete for the world title over the past month. Who do you think will take it all? Here's our predictions:

LoL Worlds 2021 Recaps:

EDward Gaming at Worlds 2021

EDward Gaming
EDward Gaming: Worlds 2021 Finals | © Riot Games

EDG have continued to pick up steam at Worlds 2021. As previously mentioned in our Semifinals Prediction Article for EDG, this team arrived at the world championship after having taken a domestic title victory in the LPL against FPX. From there, they battled for a second place spot in Group B - just barely losing out on first seed.

After escaping groups, EDG took on their regional rivals RNG in the Quarterfinals Stage. It was a close contest between the two remaining LPL teams, but EDG emerged the victor after an intense 5 game series. Next, they had to meet Gen.G Esports in the Semifinals in yet another 5 game series, to which they obviously prevailed. They showed a great amount of perseverance so far in this tournament, but do they have what it takes to put down the current reigning champions and take the world title?

How can EDG defeat DWG?

DAMWON KIA were just handed their first two losses of the tournament in their last series against T1. They looked impossible to defeat up until last week, so how can EDG take this win? It's gonna be an uphill battle either way, but the key here is for EDG to bend but not break in the early game. EDG have had great success in the late game when correct macro becomes more difficult, they want to avoid letting DWG close out games early.

Another huge note for the LPL champions is to make sure that they're adapting between games. We've seen teams go down with the ship in draft stage before, but both of these worlds finalists will need to be willing to change their strategy on the fly.

Finally, EDG just need to stick to their game-plan whilst in-game. We saw a lot of errors in their last series against Gen.G. It almost looked like a solo queue match, people were getting caught out everywhere! DAMWON is a team that will destroy you for making small mistakes, so refining their macro and avoiding risky moves is a must.

DAMWON KIA at Worlds 2021

DAMWON KIA ahead of Worlds 2021 Final
DAMWON KIA: Worlds 2021 Finals | © Riot Games

Last week T1 showed the world that DAMWON KIA can bleed. Now DWG have to step up to the plate and prove that they're the best team in the world once again. The 2020 World Champions have an opportunity to repeat, and statistically they're much scarier this year than last. But what did their road to here look like?

What can we say about DAMWON that hasn't already been said? 6-0 in Group Stage and 3-0 against MAD Lions. Their run up to the Worlds 2021 Grand Final was almost flawless, but T1 had to put a wrench in their plans. This team is still incredibly strong following their 3-2 win and honestly probably angry about losing. This clip says it all:

How can DWG defeat EDG?

Fortunately for Damwon, the play style match-up probably favors them. Is that the nice way of putting it? DAMWON just looks so much more clean in every game they play. Every player on this team is easily top 3 in their role worldwide. It's hard to imagine a world where DWG aren't the favored outcome here.

As for the game plan, Showmaker and friends just need to play their game. Do what they've been doing, as it clearly works. Personally, we're hoping Showmaker gets the opportunity to play a wacky/off-meta mid lane champion to spice things up. It's unlikely though.

Final Thoughts

It's not all doom and gloom for EDward Gaming. They have every opportunity to take this series and prove themselves as the 2021 Worlds Champions. It just feels like they've had a much easier road, encountering uninspired versions of RNG and Gen.G on their way through to the Grand Finals. I'd love to be proven wrong, but my gut feeling says DAMWON KIA take this in 4 games.


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