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Riot layed out their plan for Worlds 2022

Info for Worlds 2022: Cities and Venues

Chase Center
The Chase Center in San Francisco will host the Worlds 2022 Finals | © Riot Games

Riot are already gearing up for Worlds 2022, which is set to take place in multiple cities across North America. They officially announced the cities and venues earlier today, following an accidental early-reveal a few days prior. Most excitingly, Riot had this to say regarding where the games will be held.

"This will be the first time Riot Games has hosted a multinational North American Worlds, making first-time stops in both Mexico and Canada."

Where will the Worlds 2022 Play-ins be held?

In a shocking announcement, it was revealed that the Main Studio for Liga Latinoamérica (LLA) will be the venue for Worlds 2022 Play-Ins - located in Mexico City, the Capital of Mexico. This location along with Toronto, Ontario marks an attempt from Riot to appeal to those directly outside the United States, giving more opportunities for fans to go see the biggest Esports event of the year.

Where will the Worlds 2022 Group Stage & Quarterfinals be held?

The next city is a little less surprising, as League of Legends Esports will return to New York. More specifically, Worlds 2022 Group Stage and Quarterfinals will take place at the Hulu Theatre at the Madison Square Garden. This isn't the first time MSG has been the home of a Riot event, as the LCS fans may remember the iconic 2015 Summer Playoff Finals held there.

Where will the Worlds 2022 Semifinals be held?

As previously mentioned, the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario has been selected as the location for Semifinals. This will be the first LCS event held in Canada since the LCS Summer Split Finals back in 2016.

Canadian LoL fans must be so hype right now! As for those closer to Vancouver, they may have an opportunity to travel to San Francisco for the Grand Final. Otherwise, Riot will likely add an event in Vancouver in the future if all goes well for Worlds 2022.

Where will the Worlds 2022 Finals be held?

We kinda spoiled it above, but the finals are set to be held at the Chase Center in San San Francisco, California. The Chase Center is home to the Golden State Warriors, who back the LCS team: Golden Guardians.

This is the second time that Riot Games have collaborated with the Golden State Warriors to hold an event at an arena. They held the LCS Summer Finals for 2018 in the Oracle Arena in Oakland, before the GSW's moved to the Chase Center.

More information pertaining to ticket sales will be added to this article as it becomes available.

What do you think about these venues? Are you planning on purchasing tickets and attending Worlds 2022 to see Faker come back and win it all?