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The LCK Champion remains undefeated

Worlds Quarterfinals: DWG KIA Defeat MAD Lions 3-0

DWG KIA undefeated
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DWG KIA's march forward continued with a clean sweep against LEC's MAD Lions. While the European team put up some resistance, DAMWON remain undefeated and look like the team to beat at Worlds.

After T1's victory over HLE and EDward Gaming's defeat of Royal Never Give Up, it was time for the third Worlds quarterfinal between DWG KIA and MAD Lions. The LCK champions are a tournament favorite and after a 6-0 in the groups came with a lot of momentum. MAD, meanwhile, had a rougher start, coming out in second spot in their group after a four-way tiebreaker. The two teams already clashed once this year at MSI, where DAMWON won 2-0 in the group and 3-2 in the playoffs. Would the Korean team assert their dominance or would MAD pull the greatest upset of the tournament?

The favorites quickly took over the first game after two kills and a dragon allowed them to open up a lead. Soon, the Lions were shut out of the game and had no way to come back - and a 20-minute Baron sealed the deal. DAMWON were methodical in their pressure, eventually closing out the game after a second Baron.

MAD had no intention of going down without a fight, though, and in game two they showed a much more active side, taking several early kills and a 3.5K gold lead just 10 minutes in. It was time for DWG to show their resilience from behind - and so they did, slowly equalizing the game. 34 minutes in MAD were poised to once more take the lead when a brilliant ultimate by Kim "Khan" Dong-ha’s Kennen secured DAMWON the decisive fight and the win.

In the third game, DWG were once more stronger early and after several skirmishes were nearly 10k gold ahead at the 20 minute mark.  However, a great fight by the Baron several minutes later brought them back into the game. Despite remaining behind in gold, they fought on even terms throughout the mid-game and their scaling picks looked primed to turn the game around. In the end, though, a pick and a great teamfight for DAMWON brought them the ace and the win in the series.

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Worlds' last quarterfinal is on Monday, when Gen.G face LCS’s big hope Cloud9. Meanwhile, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.