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These are the best Supports in the current meta!

Mid-Patch 11.20 Tier List: Support

Patch Notes
Support Tier List 11.20
Amumu has fallen off in priority.

With each League of Legends patch, we get changes to the meta. We try to predict just how each lane will pan out in our top 5 tier lists, but halfway through we have a better idea of the patch and how the meta will pan out. So this is our updated tier list of support in Patch 11.20.

Not much has changed in Patch 11.20 for the support role, but some champions just don't cut it. We take a look at the best and the worst Patch 11.20 has to offer in our support champion tier list. 

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Who Are Our S-Tier Supports in LoL Patch 11.20?

The S-Tier represents the best champions LoL Patch 11.20 has to offer. These are the champions you play when you want a sure win. They are basically unstoppable in the meta so try to get your fingers on these picks. 

S-Tier Supports in LoL Patch 11.20

  • Blitzcrank - Win Rate: 52.1%, Pick Rate: 13.5%
  • Leona - Win Rate: 51.2%, Pick Rate: 13.3%
  • Maokai - Win Rate: 53.3%, Pick Rate: 5.89%
  • Sona - Win Rate: 51.6%, Pick Rate: 3.4%

Blitzcrank is the best support of the patch. He's able to make plays happen with his hook and he is tanky enough not to be burst down. Another similar pick is Maokai who is a great playmaker thanks to his ultimate. 

Morgana - Support Tier List Patch 11.20
Morgana can really make plays happen all around the map.

Who Are Our A-Tier Supports in LoL Patch 11.20?

The A-Tier represent champions that are still extremely strong in the current meta. These are champions you should pick up whenever the S-Tier are not available. These will still get you to rake in some wins! 

A-Tier Supports in LoL Patch 11.20

  • Amumu - Win Rate: 52%, Pick Rate 15%
  • Lulu - Win Rate: 49%, Pick Rate 13%
  • Bard - Win Rate:  51%, Pick Rate: 3.0%
  • Morgana - Win Rate: 49%, Pick Rate: 7.0%
  • Soraka - Win Rate: 50%, Pick Rate: 4.0%

Amumu might have fallen off in priority and into the A-Tier, but he is still one of the best picks in the meta. His second Q charge is so important when he makes plays in the laning phase. 

Who Are Our D-Tier Supports in LoL Patch 11.20

The D-Tier is the worst champion tier. These are the picks you shouldn't look at since they're sure losses for you. So it's better to ignore these champions and just play whatever you want as a support. The result would be the same. 

D-Tier Supports in LoL Patch 11.20

  • Xerath - Win Rate: 49%, Pick Rate 4.0%
  • Alistar - Win Rate: 49%, Pick Rate: 5.0%
  • Senna - Win Rate: 49%, Pick Rate: 5.0%
  • Karma - Win Rate: 48%, Pick Rate: 8.0%
  • Gragas - Win Rate: 47%, Pick Rate: 1.0%
  • Seraphine - Win Rate: 48.8%, Pick Rate: 3.0%
  • Lux - Win Rate: 47.8%, Pick Rate: 3.1%

Lux is on the receiving end of a buff in the coming LoL Patch 11.21 which is much needed. She is at the bottom of the barrel of the support tier and we hope that some improvements to her kit will make her a viable support pick once more. 

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