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Everyone loves free stuff, right?

How to Get Free LoL Skins

Riot Girl Tristana Free LoL Skins
Is it still possible to get Riot Girl Tristana? | © Riot Games

Want League of Legends skins but don't feel like spending money on them? Don't worry, there are a few ways to get skins without spending a single cent. In this article we will tell you how to get free LoL skins!

Riot used to be a bit more generous with free skins, but their success seems to have gone to their heads. Nevertheless, there are still a few ways to get free skins. Of course we will tell you each of them.

How to Get Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch for free?

Grey Warwick LoL skin
Not the best but it is for free right? | © Riot Games

To get these two skins, you must reach Honor level 5. When you reach it, you will receive a token. You can exchange this token for either Medieval Twitch OR Grey Warwick. Unfortunately, this means you have to reach level 5 twice to get both skins.

How to Get The Season Reward Skins?

At the end of each season, you will automatically receive the new Victorious skin if you have achieved gold or a higher rank in Solo Queue. Unfortunately, you can no longer get the Season Reward Skins from previous years, so keep climbing.

How to Get Waterloo Miss Fortune?

Waterloo Miss Fortune Splash Art
No money needed for this beauty! | © Riot Games

To get this fancy skin for everyone's favourite captain, you'll need to create a new account. In addition to the level rewards, there is also a special reward for the first seven games that count as first-game-of-the-day. The seventh and final reward is a choice of 500 Orange Essence or a Waterloo Miss Fortune Skin Shard.

How to Get Triumphant Ryze?

Triumphant Ryze Skin Splash Art
Getting it is rather difficult, but not impossible. | © Riot Games

Here's where it gets tricky. You can only get the Triumphant Ryze skin if you win a tournament. It doesn't necessarily have to be one of the professional tournaments. You can check on Battlefy, or Toornament to see if there are any events you can take part in.

Hextech Crafting

In addition to skins as special rewards, there are of course also the many skin shards. Every few summoner levels and whenever you finish a game for the first time in a season with a grade of S or higher, you will receive Hextech Chests. If you behave well and are honored by your team mates, you will get keys to open these chests. Inside are Champion Shards, Emotes and of course Skin Shards.

If you have the necessary
Orange Essences, you can turn these Skin Shards into full skins. The whole thing takes a while, but it's also free. There are also a few special "Hextech Skins". Rarely do you get hextech crystals. With 10 of them, you can get special Hextech Skins.

Is it Still Possible to Get Riot Girl Tristana or Black Alistar?

Unfortunately, Riot has stopped the promotions for these skins. Until recently, you could still get them via a support ticket, but Riot has removed that too. As I said, the success seems to have gone to their heads. They don't need promotions any more...

That's it. These are all the ways to get free LoL skins. I hope I could help you and good luck with the Hextech Chests!

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