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No not this one. Even though, it is much cooler.

LoL: Worlds Come With Jarvan Championship Skin

Victorious Jarvan IV. LoL Skin Gold S1
No, not Victorious J4. It's been around almost as long as the game has. | © Riot Games

When it comes to the skin game, Riot is a straight A+. S-Tier. They are the GOAT of skin production. They just now revealed the upcoming Championship Skin and it's no other than Jarvan IV. What makes Championship J4 the best skin of all? See yourself.

What. A. Monster. Championship Jarvan stands for fame, glory and... Tons of damage! First of all, I would like to apologise. But would you have even read this far if I had used the new splash art as the cover? You see... But don't worry, it's coming right now. And then stay a bit longer and read what I have to say. Championship Jarvan is a double edged sword.

Here comes the prince:

Championship Jarvan LoL Worlds 2021
Holy F. Check out his animations below! | © Riot Games

Okay. So it looks nice and wait until you see the animations. Outstanding and maybe a little too much, if you ask me. But the real point is not the Championship Skin itself, but why it comes and why it is J4.

Our Demacian hero got buffed the last patches. Not just once or twice, but so much, that Riot brought Jarvan back into pro play. Now, that he even gets picked in play offs and qualifiers and everyone starts to play him in solo queue again. Coincidence? I think not. 

I honestly don't know what to think about that. What is the focus there in the first place? Does the balance for the Worlds have priority, or do they just combine both and release skins for all the champions who are pushed into the mro-meta? By the way, it's very similar with Lillia now. The deer gets a buff and coincidentally also a Nightbringer skin? All right, Riot. Esports first please.

Well... You can say what you like about the timing. But one thing is certain: the skins and especially Championship Jarvan look incredible...

Oh well, before I forget, here are his in-game animations:

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