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Please Riot make this happen!

Champions We Want in Arcane Season 2

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Who should come to Piltover in Season 2? | © Riot Games

Arcane has come to an end and now we have nothing to fill this empty void in our hearts where our weekly Netflix binge once was. Like, what are we to do on a Saturday now? Go outside? Enjoy the fall weather? Celebrate Thanksgiving?

No fam, instead we’re going to think about Arcane until Season 2 is finally released – we’ll be grey and old by then but it’ll be so worth it. So, what has kept us up these last few days since the grand finale of Act III? Of course, the thought of which champions Riot should add into the story for season 2!

Which Champions Do We Want to See in Season 2 of Arcane?

5. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank was built by Viktor. He plays a huge part in Viktors lore and is a loveable Golem – who also runs a dating service by the way – and we just think that not including Blitz in season 2 would be criminal of Riot and Fortiche.

Think of the wholesome cleanup robot and just visually how adorable he could be in the art style of Fortiche. So please add Blitzcrank into the story for season 2! We know where Viktors lore is going so adding in the golem he created just makes perfect sense.

4. Fiddlesticks

There were quite a lot of crows in season 1. Yes, they could symbolize Swain and him spying on everyone in Piltover, but what if that wasn’t the case? What if Fiddlesticks was lurking in the shadows to feast upon everyone’s insecurities.

Adding in this creepy demon who haunts those around him and shouts their greatest fears at them, mimicking their voices would be one hell of a creepy plot twist in season 2. The show isn’t meant for children, so we can totally add some horror elements to it… right? Especially if we have Fiddlesticks haunting Jinx after what she did at the end of Act III.

3. Ziggs

This Yordle would be a great addition to the cast. Seriously, he’s got a game that takes place in Piltover, so why not add him into the show as well now Riot? He can wreak havoc while Heimerdinger isn’t around and it would make for some great comedic relief.

So we would love to see some crazy Ziggs shenanigans take place in Piltover and Zaun. What would he blow up next in Piltover? Would someone from Zaun get blamed for his actions and love for fireworks? Let’s roll with the plot.

2. Orianna

Orianna in Arane would be incredible! | © Riot Games

At the end of season 1, there was some foreshadowing with Singed pulling out a locket with a photo of Orianna inside. Is he her father? It raised so many questions and fans – and lore lovers – need some answers.

Including Orianna in season 2 would only make sense after such a scene. How will she fit into the story and just whose side would she be on? It would be really interesting to see how she could be portrayed in Arcane.

1. Warwick

Another champion we got a small glimpse of in Arcane Act III. We could see Warwick’s leg in Singed’s lab. Does this mean that Vander really is Warwick? Will the big wolf make an appearance? Most likely and hopefully we get answers – even though Warwick has lost all his memories.

Seeing the emotional connection between Vander and Vi again, as she realizes who Warwick is could make for some great cinema, no? Okay, we’re getting ahead of ourselves, but there are so many signs and hints that the Vander = Warwick theory is correct. Guess we’ll find out in season 2 of Arcane though.

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