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Cassiopeia and Medusa are eerily similar... we see what you did there Riot!

Champion Lore: Cassiopeia, the Serpent's Embrace

Cassiopeia Champion Lore
Cassiopeia is one of the most interesting champions thanks to her lore. | © Riot Games

Cassiopeia has an uncanny resemblance to the mythological Greek figure Medusa. Riot was heavily influenced by her and ended up creating this venom-spitting champion. But is her champion lore also influenced by Greek mythology?

With so many champions in League of Legends, there are multiple background stories that bring them all together in the world of Runeterra. Cassiopeia’s champion lore starts in Noxia, where she grew up with her family.

Who is Cassiopeia Related to?

Cassiopeia is related to another famous League of Legends champion. She is the younger sister of Katarina, who is an AP Assassin famously found in the mid lane. Both girls are the young daughters of General du Couteau.

While Katarina grew up following her fathers' footsteps, Cassiopeia took to her mother. Eventually, the family had to relocate to Shurima, where the rest of Cassiopeia’s lore takes place.

Her mother raised her, but unfortunately, collapsed one day, prompting her husband to send home any and all household staff, afraid that his wife had been poisoned. General du Couteau did not stay with the family for long afterward though, being called back to Noxia to help with the Ionian invasion. Katarina went with her father, leaving Cassiopeia behind with their sickly mother.

It was then that the truth was revealed to Cassiopeia, her mother was part of the Black Rose.

Who is the Black Rose?

The Black Rose is a secret organization, mostly stationed in Noxus. They are led by Noxian aristocracy who work and scheme from the shadows – going as far as to guide the throne of Noxus.

  • The Black Rose is not to be confused with the Desert Rose – That's Samira

In her champion lore, it says that Cassiopeia was initiated into the Black Rose after she managed to track down those who poisoned her mother and killed them. After her initiation, she learned of the greater plans the organization had for Shurima.

LeBlanc Black Rose - Cassiopeia Lore
LeBlanc is part of the Black Rose as well. | © Riot Games

As wars continued to wage, Cassiopeia was urged by her mother to find godlike power which was hidden in one of the various temples which were scattered throughout Shurima. Alongside a mercenary named Sivir, she scoured the desert looking for said power.

  • Darius is also from Noxia! Check out his best skins here!

She set out with a crew and found an old tomb of a mythical Ascended. Within the tomb she also found the power she’d been looking for and went on a rampage, killing Sivir. Before she could continue her mutiny, a stone tomb guardian attacked her.

Fangs buried themselves in her flesh and she was poisoned.

She was carried back home by her hired soldiers and then confined herself for weeks within her home. During this time she transformed into the hideous beast she is known as in League of Legends. Her beauty was replaced by a monstrous slithering creature.

As stated in Cassiopeia's lore, with her new visage, she also gained unparalleled power which she’ll use to aid the Black Rose.

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