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Please we would love to see these games!

5 Games We Wish Riot Forge Would Also Make

Arcade Ezreal
We love The Ruined King and now we want more! | © Riot Games

So, Riot Forge has announced some banger games and just released two that are extremely fun to play. But that has made us thirsty for more. We don’t just want to re-play The Ruined King over and over – though we totally will – we want to have more options.

So, us here at Riftfeed have put on our thinking hats and made a shortlist of some games we would love to see made by Riot Forge in collaboration with other studios. Which games do we want to see Riot Forge make next?

5. Horror Game

A horror game would be so fun. We just watched the Fiddlesticks trailer again and it gave us shivers – good and bad. Having a first-person horror game where you try to hide and run from Fiddle would be insanely frightening. Just think of running into one of his effigies and it just disintegrates.

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Who wouldn’t end up screaming in fear? So imagine you get to play as a random character or even another champion from League of Legends, and have to escape the clutches of Fiddlesticks while he shouts and groans in your ear. You don’t even need to resort to cheap jumpscares, the premise is frightening enough.

Miss Fortune
Miss Fortune on a bike... hell yeah! | © Riot Games

4. Racing Game

League of Legends has multiple skins with cars, motorbikes and other forms of transportation built into them. Hell, Rell’s base skin is her on a horse! So, of course, we would love to have a Mario Kart-style racing game.

Just imagine if you can pick up a scuttle and just whip it at someone, or use a champion's abilities while racing? It would make for pure chaos and we’re here for it. Add in the regions of Runeterra and you have multiple maps!

3. Decision-Based Game

Think of Life is Strange where each decision will have an impact on the rest of the story. Now add in champions like Lux or Garen who are trying to find Sylas and the lore between these champions. It would make for such a cool experience. As Lux, you'd have to make decisions whether you'll reveal your magic to your brother in battle or stay hidden. 

If you add in the Freljord and Demacia as the backdrop it could also be gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want to play a game like this where you have an influence on the story of Runeterra? I would pick that shit up in a heartbeat.

2. Dating Sim

Now, this is more of a joke, but it would be fun. Those dating sim games where you’re trapped in a building with 4 mysterious guys… could be a reality. You’re trapped in the Shuriman desert with an explorer, a dashing sentinel, a moody Ionian and a handsome outlaw. Who would you choose?

Of course, this could also be turned into a horror scenario like Doki Doki Literature club, but we’re here for the wholesome dating sim experience. Which Champions would you pick for your League of Legends dating sim?

1. Strategy Game

This one would be epic. You choose to play a fraction of Runeterra and try to stop Noxus from invading. Or you get to play as Swain of Noxus and you’re the one doing the invading. Fight battles for land, take over smaller regions and expand your empire.

Runeterra with a hint of Warhammer. Seriously, it would be insane to have a strategy game like Warhammer for League of Legends. It would surely become my most played game within a month.