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LS is Coaching C9?

Cloud9 Announce 2022 LCS Head Coach

LS Joins Cloud9
LS is the Cloud9 2022 LCS Head Coach | © Cloud9

After weeks of teasers and cryptic tweets from C9 Jack, Cloud9 have finally revealed their Coaching Staff for 2022. They opted to go with LS as Head Coach, a polarizing figure in the LoL community.

This announcement comes days after Reignover, Mithy, and westrice were confirmed to be leaving the organization. Now fans are left wondering... What will the era of LS's C9 look like?

LS is the 2022 Cloud 9 LCS Coach

As was previously stated, C9 decided to go with LS this year for their head coach. In the official announcement video Cloud9's CEO, Jack Etienne, states that they've been interested in LS for some time. 

C9 realized that LS was a great fit when they took his recommendations on coaching hires in the past. Additionally, LS effectively endorsed the off-season moves that C9 made - stating that they had 'picked up some of the best players they could'.

Cloud9's 2022 Roster

You might be asking: Who does Cloud9 have for 2022 on their LCS roster again? We've got your back.

  • Top - Summit
  • JG - Blaber
  • Mid - Fudge
  • ADC - Berserker
  • Support - Isles

The Cloud9 organization has a very exciting 2022 ahead of it. It will either be a huge success or blow up in their faces. They are gambling with a lot: Sending Fudge to Mid Lane, Signing Summit and Berserker, and now LS as Head Coach. Maybe this will be what they need to level up as a team and compete at Worlds 2022?

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