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The LEC has a new superteam for the 2022 season

Perkz, Carzzy, and Alphari set to join Team Vitality in 2022?

Carzzy at MSI 2021
Carzzy at MSI 2021 | © Riot Games

Yesterday was an exciting one in the world of the LoL Esports and more specifically: The LEC. Two native European superstars, Perkz and Alphari, are confirmed to make their return to the LEC in the 2022 Spring Split alongside Carzzy on the new Team Vitality roster. Looks like the LEC has a brand new super-team on it's hands.

LoL Worlds 2021 Recaps:

Perkz to Depart from Cloud9?

It was reported earlier this week by sources at DotEsports that Perkz was made available on the buyout market by Cloud9. This wasn't too shocking after a subpar performance from the European Superstar Mid Laner. Fans were speculating where Perkz was off to next, with the general knowledge that he intended to return to the LEC for 2022.

The most shocking aspect of this whole thing is that fact that Perkz was supposed to be under contract until almost 2024, Cloud9 spent an exorbitant amount of money just to buy him out from G2 last off-season. His 3-year contract was estimated at over $2 million per year, making him one of the most highly paid players in Esports history. Money isn't everything though, and these transfer rumors prove it. Esportsmanicos reported that Perkz and Alphari will both be playing for Team Vitality in 2022.

Alphari to Depart from Team Liquid?

Yet another EU superstar player is leaving the LCS. As stated above, Alphari is set up to rejoin the LEC with Team Vitality. His ability to carry games from the top lane will be sorely missed at Team Liquid, but this is likely for the best. The 2021 Team Liquid roster never quite seemed to gel properly, especially as they fought for their tournament lives in Group D via a 4-way tiebreaker at Worlds 2021.

Expectations were huge for Alphari coming into last season. Evidently, things didn't quite pan out in any regard. This was made clear when Jatt, the previous head coach for Team Liquid left after allegedly having difficulties with the EU import. Will Alphari regain his world-class form once back in the LEC? Only time will tell.

Season 12 is coming soon:

Carzzy to leave MAD Lions, join Team Vitality?

Just weeks after a fan-explosion on twitter following tweets from "Revenant" (a self-dubbed 'owner' of MAD Lions), Carzzy is rumored to be exiting the org to leave for greener pastures. Unfortunately for MAD fans, their time of dominance in the LEC might be coming to a close. MAD Lions clarified the matter with a statement, but this probably made it's mark on Carzzy. After all, why play for an org that doesn't appreciate you?

As for the transfer rumors: The report comes from @LEC_Wooloo on twitter, an anonymous account known for breaking huge transfer stories in the EU region. LEC Wooloo writes:

"Carzzy was rumoured to be Perkz AD Carry and sources say he is Vitality's AD Carry of choice, but an agreement has yet to be made.. If an agreement is found Carzzy will play alongside Support Labrov"

This news makes sense, as Wooloo pointed out that Carzzy and Labrov were previous teammates on BIG in 2019.

That's all we know for now regarding these exciting rumors. We'll keep this article updated for you all, so make sure to check back in for big news on the 2022 moves for these EU all-stars.

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