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Worlds 2021 Group C Recap

RNG @ Worlds 2021
RNG @ Worlds 2021 | © LoL Esports & Riot Games

Fans were treated to an explosive last day of action in Group C at Worlds 2021. Unfortunately, EU was not able to escape groups for the second time this year; All hope is now resting on MAD Lions to make it out of Group D. However, Fnatic put up a terrific fight before being put down. This may have been the most exciting group yet, so let's get into it!

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Group C Recap for Worlds 2021

Day 1

Group C was arguably the most exciting one to follow so far at Worlds 2021. It began with a relatively close match from RoyalNeverGiveUp and PSG Talon. Fans were treated to top lane Syndra gameplay from XiaoHu of RNG in their very first game of the tournament! RNG clearly fears disappointing fans and they made that abundantly clear as they carefully stacked Infernal Drakes throughout this match. It's worthy to note that PSG Talon looked great in this opener, Maple's Mid Tryndamere being a huge part of that. However, RNG was just too clean and managed to close out the game with Infernal Soul.

The second game of Day 1 was a matchup between Hanwha Life Esports & Fnatic. Fan expectations for Fnatic were low following news and drama around their star ADC 'Upset'. If you missed out on the rumors and drama, check out our article where we break it all down. Unfortunately for Fnatic fans, Chovy's Yasuo was just too strong! Willer was also a big part of this win, making tons of plays on his Lee Sin.

Day 2

Things got interesting early on Day 2 when PSG Talon took the match against HLE. This matchup did not disappoint, it felt close all the way through. Chovy's Azir was no match for Maple on the Leblanc as he terrorized the map (a common trend at Worlds 2021!). The Jhin & Yuumi bot lane combo was utilized this game by PSG, but the cat quickly found a mage in the midlane to become her new owner. If you've ever experienced a yuumi on top of a fed mage, you'll understand how this game wrapped up!

Later on, Fnatic deployed their Olaf top technology against RNG. However, it didn't work out so well. XiaoHu was able to lock in Kennen, which served as a fantastic counter towards the berseker. The 'unstoppable force' known as Olaf was easily shutdown by Kennen's ability to kite and poke throughout the laning stage. This led to Fnatic feeling like they were 4v5 as RNG Wei's Viego tore apart their backline in fights. Hylissang was on the Pyke support this game too, I guess bending the meta doesn't always work.

Day 3

Fans were finally treated to the much awaited match between Hanwha Life Esports & RoyalNeverGiveUp. Both of these teams were undefeated, so it was exciting to find out who would come out on top. The match was a 40 minute banger, with RNG taking home the win. Fans got to see Ziggs & Sett as the bot lane for the Chinese representative, with HLE taking Kaisa & Leona on the other side. Deft, the veteran ADC got off to an early lead on his Kai'Sa with 3 kills coming out of the early game. Both of the mid laners had a rough time in this match, Chovy was 0-5 at 17 minutes in. RNG was able to play through their top lane Lucian pick and get XiaoHu ahead - a common strategy for the MSI 2021 Champs. Eventually, this lead snowballed with them finding ways to secure multiple Mountain Drakes along with teamfight wins. This was a great game between two evenly-matched opponents.

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Next up, Fnatic and PSG Talon gave us a 46 minute match! Nothing was too out of the ordinary in regards to the two drafts, but we did see a Gangplank in the top lane. GP has been sorely missed at this event, with teams opting for other safer picks that don't take as long to farm. PSG Talon won a huge early game fight and were able to keep snowballing their lead to an eventual hard fought victory. Nisqy's mid Tryndamere was able to keep Fnatic in the game for a long time, but it just wasn't enough. Hanabi's Gangplank was a huge factor in this win at 8-2-9 KDA.

Day 4

Group C Day 3 Standings
Day 3 Group C Standings | © LoL Esports & Riot Games

RNG was 3-0 headed into the final day of Group competition at Worlds 2021 and Hanwha Life Esports weren't going to escape group stage! Here is the final day of Group Stage Play Breakdown:

  • First, HLE take a critical win over PSG Talon off of the back of Chovy's Twisted Fate! HLE 1-0 PSG
  • Next, Fnatic was able to defeat RNG in a massive comeback! FNC 1-0 RNG
  • Then, RNG defeat PSG Talon with Maple's Leblanc (and Yuumi). RNG 1-0 PSG
  • HLE knocks down FNC again with Chovy God-Mode on. HLE 1-0 FNC
  • HLE take revenge on RNG! HLE 1-0 RNG
  • Finally, PSG Talon beat Fnatic. PSG 1-0 FNC
Worlds 2021 Group C
Worlds 2021 Group C | © LoL Esports & Riot Games

This brings us into a 1st/2nd place tiebreaker with Hanwha Life Esports fighting RoyalNeverGiveUp for the reward of 1st Seed. After a 44 minute game, RNG defeats HLE and keeps their 1st seed status heading into the knockout stages. So much action! This concludes the Group Stage Competition for Group C, leaving us with only Group D til the Knockout Stage. We look forward to seeing RNG and HLE compete in the Worlds 2021 Knockout Stage!

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