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4 WAY TIEBREAKER AT WORLDS 2021? Welcome to LoL Esports!

Worlds 2021 Group D Recap

Mad Lions Worlds 2021
MAD Lions @ Worlds 2021 | © LoL Esports & Riot Games

If you thought the other groups were exciting at Worlds 2021, you must have missed the ending of Group D. The final day of Group Stage Play at Worlds 2021 culminated with a 4 way tiebreaker between MAD Lions, Gen.G Esports, LNG Esports, and Team Liquid. Which teams lived to tell the tale? Find out in our last recap post for Worlds 2021 Group D!

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Group D Recap for Worlds 2021

Day 1

Competition for Group D began when Gen.G Esports faced off against LNG Esports and absolutely crushed them in a 23 minute game. Gen.G were favored to win this game, but fans had no clue just how much of a beating LNG were in for. With a Renekton pick for Rascal in the top lane accompanied by the strong as ever Miss Fortune + Leona bot lane combo, Gen.G's draft needed to get ahead early and close the game out. They drafted strong early game champions, crushed their lanes, and closed the game out. 

Next up, we got to see Team Liquid take on MAD Lions. The NA vs EU debate is always especially strong during Worlds season, and this match up added fuel to the fire. TL were able to punish MAD for drafting scaling champions like Jax and Aphelios, leading to a quick 27 minute victory. It's worthy to note that Santorin's Xin Zhao was a driving force in this victory, putting lots of pressure on the map early. TL turned around a massive teamfight at 26 minutes and was able to finish the game off of that, no dragon soul necessary!

Day 2

MAD Lions turned things around on Day 2 with a massive 46 minute win against Gen.G. They drafted an extremely mobile team comp featuring champions like Wukong, Qiyana, Leblanc, and Lucian. Of course, Yuumi had to make an appearance in this match too. Despite some errors in execution, MAD were able to overcome the Bdd Azir and slay the Korean Giants of Group D. This game felt like a return to form for the EU representatives, featuring many scrappy skirmishes.

After that, LNG Esports made short work of Team Liquid with a standout performance from Icon's Leblanc. Ale had a fantastic game on Fiora as well! These two felt unstoppable in combination as they controlled the pace of the game and didn't let up. TL looked outclassed in this Best of 1.

Day 3

LNG continued their roll with a relatively simple take-down of MAD Lions on Day 3. This game was one of the better performances from Tarzan at Worlds 2021, his Lee Sin was the catalyst for LNG this game in conjunction with Icon's Syndra. MAD Lions took Aphelios and Ryze this game, leaving them at the mercy of their opponents through most of the early game. They were never quite able to farm and scale in this match, LNG never gave them the opportunity.

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Gen.G claimed another victim in the Bo1 that followed. Team Liquid strayed from the meta in their draft, opting for the Ziggs & Shen bot lane. Additionally, Santorin was put on the Sejuani but had to play against a Trundle. As you can imagine, Clid's Trundle was gigantic this game (literally!). Bdd also had a standout performance on the Sylas, this was far from a clean win though. I thought we were witnessing the Worlds 2021 Amumu Curse once again, in which the champion just can't win. However, Gen.G eventually brought home the W.

Day 4

Day 3 Group D Standings
Day 3 Group D Standings | © LoL Esports & Riot Games

The standings were close and the teams determined as ever heading into the final day of competition for Group D at Worlds 2021. Fans eagerly awaited the action to find out who would come out on top. Would MAD Lions make it to the knockout stage as the only EU representative? Heres our recap of what went down:

  • To start things off, Gen.G overcome MAD Lions in a 40 minute match. Gen.G 1-0 MAD
  • Then, Team Liquid defeat LNG Esports with Jensen Leblanc! TL 1-0 LNG
  • Next, LNG take down Gen.G and Bdd's Azir. LNG 1-0 Gen.G
  • After that, MAD Lions take the match over Team Liquid. MAD 1-0 TL
  • Team Liquid then beat Gen.G?? TL 1-0 Gen.G
  • Finally, MAD defeat LNG! MAD 1-0 LNG

This leads us into our 4 way tiebreaker with TL vs Gen.G and MAD vs LNG.

  • Bdd's Zoe is too powerful for TL. Gen.G 1-0 TL
  • MAD Lions complete an insane comeback against LNG. MAD 1-0 LNG
Group D Final Standings
Group D Final Standings | © LoL Esports & Riot Games

These matches confirmed Gen.G and Mad Lions to go forward in the knockout stage. However, they had to battle for 1st/2nd place: After an almost 50 minute game, Gen.G take the win over MAD - securing their 1st Seed. This wrapped up Group D as well as the Group Stage for Worlds 2021 as a whole. Did you catch any of these games?

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